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Churro Mania


Churro Mania is known to be a Churro Movement, that begun in the heart of Pune; a small quirky cafe that brings the Spanish delicacy to life! Churro Mania makes hot fresh Churros glazed with sugar and cinnamon. The cafe is known for their large range of mouth watering toppings that go with Churros. The main flavours are cinnamon and ofcourse loads loads of chocolate.

Art direction

As a Graphic Design Manager I was given the responsibilty to plan, conceptualize, strategize, supervise and implement design elements in this project in an effective way. The founder was very head strong about a Churro Mascot. His first brief suggested that we only use orange and black as our core colours. Our biggest challenge was to work within his restrictions. However, we were able to successfully deliver a strong branding and packaging concept.

Packaging Design

Our main aim of the packaging design  was to create a  practical, portable and fun sharing packaging for the churros. We took inspiration from the traditional churro cone and created 3 different packaging styles for different churro serving:. -Traditional cone and dip-Sharing portable churros for toppings and ice-cream-And a bucket for small churro bites-Glass bottles for milkshakes

Design Agency

Studio Fifi

Product Photography

Himon Mukherjee

Design Manager

Mehak Philip


Nikita Mehta