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Mehak Philip is a visual designer from India, who is currently based in London.

She completed her MA in Design Management from UAL. Specialising in brand strategising, problem solving and innovation through design.
The combination of her formal education and comprehensive hands-on experience as a Freelance Designer, has grown her interests past digital design into printmaking, art direction and storytelling.
Her short stint of experience in India includes creation of corporate and retail identity design at Interics Designs, a company with a history of acclaimed packaging design and space branding projects. She worked with some well known international brands like MARS India, Pfizer India as well as a host of startups and mid-size businesses.
Additionally, she spent an entire year in Switzerland, on a cultural exchange and gained good grip on the German language. This exchange gave her an extra lens to look through, gathering a rich understanding of new cultures and coming to a better understanding of her own. As a result of this exchange, she developed tremendous self-confidence and in a sense Рa ­different approach to design.
CV available on request!